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Hello, you lovely princes and princesses and kings and queens and adventurers and best friends and what have you. Welcome to the blog of all things Disney, run by Princess Margaret and Princess Emily, lovers of the Mouse from their youngest years. Though we're separated by many miles, there is nothing we love more than going to Disneyland together, and in between those few glorious trips, we use this blog to share our love for Disney with you. You'll find all manner of Disney things here. Feel free to drop questions, comments, or conversation starters in the ask box, and if you'd like to join our beautiful Disney family, those requests go in the ask box as well. Have a magical day.

DisneyBounding on Day Two - this time we were Belle and Pocahontas. Emily’s was, of course, ridiculously obvious, especially with her necklace. Everyone immediately guessed who she was. Mine was less obvious, but people still recognized me, including, to my delight, Rapunzel!

Our favorite moment, though, was when we passed a guy in Fantasyland who yelled, “Hey! Work that Pocahontas, girl!” Emily yelled, “Thanks!” He looked at me and said, “And let me guess - Belle?” “Yes!” I replied, delighted and surprised. “Yeah!” he said. “DisneyBound for the win!”

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