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Hello, you lovely princes and princesses and kings and queens and adventurers and best friends and what have you. Welcome to the blog of all things Disney, run by Princess Margaret and Princess Emily, lovers of the Mouse from their youngest years. Though we're separated by many miles, there is nothing we love more than going to Disneyland together, and in between those few glorious trips, we use this blog to share our love for Disney with you. You'll find all manner of Disney things here. Feel free to drop questions, comments, or conversation starters in the ask box, and if you'd like to join our beautiful Disney family, those requests go in the ask box as well. Have a magical day.

Disney Dos and Don’ts:

DO :)
-Plan what E-ticket ride you want to ride first and second - get a fast pass for the second before riding the first
-If you’re hungry, stop for food. If you’re not, feel free to keep on trucking
-Naps in the middle of the day will help you, not hinder you - they get you out of the heat and midday crowds, and get you rested for a second wind
-Try to figure out where you want to eat ahead of the trip so you can make reservations if you need to

DON’T :(
-Don’t tire yourself out. Drink water if it’s hot, sit down if you’re tired, and stay out of the sun as much as possible
-It’s a bad idea to schedule out your whole trip hour by hour or minute by minute. Going with the flow can be fun, too
-Don’t miss what you want to see. Make an effort to do what you want to do and don’t make concessions if it’s important to you.

I could give you so many more of these but those are the ones off the top of my head :p 

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Thanks so much!!!

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